We all like surprises: birthday parties, gifts, unexpected visits from loved ones, and so on. Those spontaneous moments can be absolutely delightful. 

However, some surprises are just downright nasty, and one of those is the discovery of a water leak or flooding in an area of your home. There are several causes for basement flooding. Malfunctioning sump pumps won’t kick the water from your sump basin out of your home during a rainfall, so you may have overflow. If there is a loss of electricity, and you don’t have a battery back-up system, you can run into the same problem. Some basements also have bathrooms which have ejector pumps for waste water. When these pumps malfunction and the waste basins fill, or when there are clogged sewer lines, a very messy problem can occur. 

You can reduce the chances of having flooding issues by limiting water use during a rainfall, by making sure your basement foundation’s walls and floors are properly sealed, by having a new sump pump professionally installed, and by having a battery back-up system.

But, how can you mitigate the problem and detect any issues early? Answer: get a water alarm system!

Your Friend the Water Detector

Water alarms (otherwise known as water detectors or water sensors) are electronic devices which either run on batteries or are plugged into your wall which monitor for excessive moisture on the floor of your basement or crawlspace. 

There are a few different types of water detectors ranging from the simple to to elegant. 

A basic water alarm is very affordable (many between $12-20) and has a 9-volt-battery-powered case with a tethered component with two metal prongs or disks. When water touches these metal contacts, a loud alarm sounds notifying you of a problem.

More advanced systems are available which can connect to your home’s Wi-fi system and your mobile device via an app. When a wet incident occurs, the sensor not only emits a warning on the unit, but it also sends a signal to your email and/or your phone.

Early detection gives you the time to make decisions and take remedial action. If you have a problem where your water alarm signals a problem in your basement or crawlspace, give our professional plumbers a call at 708-203-7057, and we’ll get you square away with a free estimate 24/7.