Winter is a very stressful time for home heating systems, including your home hot water heater. The water heater is one of the most important home appliances you have, as it is the only way you can receive hot water in sinks and showers. Learn common winter problems with water heaters, so you can take quick action if something goes wrong.


It doesn’t take a large leak to threaten your home with water damage. Even a tiny leak in the storage tank could become worse over time, eventually causing the tank to rupture and water to flood your basement.

A leak in the circulator pump or water heater valve can cause water damage and more problems down the line.

Develop a habit of looking at the water heater when you pass though the basement. If you see water near the heater, call a plumber, who can inspect the unit for leaks.

It’s much better to repair or replace a leaky water heater before the tank ruptures than to pay for expensive emergency repairs and go without hot water if the tank breaks down.

Dropping Output

If your water heater seems to run out of hot water faster, you could have a problem. Causes of dropping output include a malfunctioning burner, which cannot heat the tank, a sediment buildup that prevents efficient water heating, or an electrical problem.

These issues can be fixed to restore your water heater’s functionality, but you need to call a plumber to check things out.

As soon as you notice a problem with your water heater output or leaks, call a plumber. Then have the unit repaired or replaced, so you and your family can enjoy steady hot water access during the coldest season of the year.