The media has been reporting the potential for “rolling blackouts” and “rolling brownouts” regarding electricity throughout the country including Illinois. Your sump pump relies on electricity to work; without it, you have just a hunk of cast iron in a pit. But, never fear, there’s an easy and affordable solution – Sump Pump Battery Backup Systems!

A battery backup activates when there’s a loss of power. It uses a special battery designed for wet applications to power a secondary pump that will expel the water from your home reliably for hours while you wait for power to turn back on. This nifty mechanism is installed in the sump pit mounted directly above the main sump pump. We recommend the PHCC model 2400 system with reliability unmatched by the pumps you find at the local hardware store or lumberyard.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love having a professionally-installed sump pump battery backup system:

Peace of Mind – No Flooding

The primary reason that you would consider getting a battery backup is to reduce your worry about having a flooded basement. When the power goes out during an electrical storm or because of a blackout, you can rest assured that the water collecting under and around your home is being removed safely and right on time.

Another thing to consider is that this secondary pump kicks on when your primary pump malfunctions. If the main sump pump doesn’t work, the secondary pump will take over removing excess water from the pit. You will know that there’s a problem with the main pump if the power is still on and the alarm on the backup pump sounds. This will give you plenty of time to contact DRC Plumbing and Sewer to come out to repair or replace your faulty sump pump.

Just like your main sump pump, when the water rises beyond a certain height, the float switch of your backup pump kicks on and removes the water safely out of the home to your lawn or retention pond. Having your pump professionally installed by a licensed plumber ensures that all of the lines are free of leaks and are installed properly and up to code.

Easy Maintenance

Your system has its own battery charger, so there’s no need to use a separate mechanism to ensure that your battery has the “juice” it needs to perform its duty. We use AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or gel batteries so that the homeowner doesn’t need to constantly add water to a standard deep-cycle battery; it’s one less thing you need to worry about! The battery is generally designed to simply sit in its sealed container, it should be periodically inspected for signs of corrosion on the terminals which happens over time (just like our car batteries).

Your battery does have an average life expectancy – usually 4 to 5 years – at which time it’s time to properly dispose of the old battery and substitute with a replacement.

Cost Savings – Limited Time Offer

A sump pump battery backup system saves you money by avoiding the damage that flooding can bring. It is an affordable assurance that works to reduce the stress that comes with disaster. There’s an additional benefit too – DRC Plumbing and Sewer is offering $75 off the installation of a new sump pump system with a battery backup! This is a limited time offer and continues through the June 30, 2022. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

With all of the Spring rain this year, we hope that your basement has remained dry with a well-functioning and reliable sump pump. You may have noticed that we have a passion for sump pumps – they really are the homeowner’s best friend for avoiding disastrous flooding in basements and crawlspaces.