One of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is flooding. Flood and water damage can be devastating to a home’s structure as well as the décor and furnishings you’ve worked so hard to get just right.

Protection From Power Outages and Pump Failures

A common source of home flooding is when the power source for your sump pump fails. This can occur when the power is taken offline during a strong storm. When this happens, the sump pump can become overwhelmed and unable to pump out water fast enough. If there is no alternative power source, water backs up and eventually floods the home.

Any number of conditions can cause your primary pump to fail. In addition to power outages, mechanical problems can strike at any time. With so many potential issues, it’s crucial to have a backup plan.

If you have a battery-powered backup for your sump pump, it will automatically activate when needed and close the gap in performance. If your primary pump malfunctions, you’ll have time to repair or replace it without the risk of damage to your home.

The benefits of a battery backup include:

  • No Power? No Problem. Since the backup power source is battery-driven, it will work even if your home loses power during a storm or for any other reason.
  • Home Protection. Since the battery-powered backup pump is like having a second pump, your home is protected in the event of a primary pump failure.
  • Peace of Mind. Flooding is a major worry for most homeowners. With a battery backup, those fears can be alleviated.

Why take chances with the integrity of your home? Reduce the risk of flooding and water damage and enjoy peace of mind by investing in a battery backup solution for your sump pump.