If you have problems with your sewer line’s drainage or you have a sewer leak and you live where there are trees on your property, you might just have a problem with tree roots gumming up the works. Tree roots are always looking for the things they need to survive, and they are naturally attracted to the water, oxygen, and nutrients that they can find in your sewer pipes.

It doesn’t take a lot for roots to permeate a pipe… they only need to find a small crack or leak, and they will creep in slowing or stopping the flow of water and causing a mess for your property.

How to Know if You Have Roots

If you have trees or shrubs near your sewer line outside, you’re a likely candidate for roots in the line. Look for the sewer cleanout cap in the lawn… it might be hidden by grass, but it’s usually PVC sticking out of the ground slightly. If you find a cap and a nearby tree, roots are stalking your pipes looking for the “good stuff” offered by your waste water.

A plumber such as the trained professionals at DRC Plumbing and Sewer can inspect your sewer line to see if there are signs of a break or the need for intervention.

How to Remove Roots in a Sewer

If a root problem exists, it’s time to take action. The first step is usually to power rod the line. In this process, a cutting mechanism on the end of a rotating cable called and auger is sent through the cleanout to cut and remove the root ball which is clogging the pipes.

Sometimes, however, it’s necessary to dig down to the offending spot to repair or replace the cracked pipes. In the image used in this post, that’s exactly what happened. There were a lot of roots which made it necessary to rod the line but also to replace a portion of the pipe.

Prevent Future Root Problems

The best preventative measure is to ensure that your trees and shrubs are planted away from your sewer line. But, there are foaming root killers you can flush down your toilet periodically which will stick to the pipes and prevent roots from being viable by causing an inhospitable and uninhabitable environment.

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