Homeowners call plumbers for emergencies with their plumbing. Usually, they don’t concern themselves too much about preventive maintenance – it’s just not something most people actively think about. The most common plumbing problem are, of course, blocked drains and sewers. Left unattended, these can cause catastrophic circumstances involving large expenses and maybe the loss of soiled items.

Power rodding can benefit homes both as a preventive measure and as a way to solve a messy drain or sewer back-up. As a professional plumbing service, we rely on our power rodding machine to help our customers all the time.

What Is Power Rodding?

If you have ever used a plumbing drain snake, you have the basic idea of a power rodder. Like the drain snake, there is a cutting instrument on one end, and, as the shaft is inserted into the drain and the debris causing the blockage is loosened and flushed. Unlike a small drain snake, however, power rodding uses a long metal cable that rotates with the use of a motor. This action loosens and breaks apart the material causing clogs.

Unlike chemical agents, power rodding is highly effective in nearly every situation. It is also a very safe method of removing clogs for your pipes. It’s a “go-to” solution, especially when it’s unclear about what exactly is causing the blockage.

When Should You Consider Power Rodding

There are two times when you may wish to contact your local plumber for power rodding:

  1. When you have a sewer back-up. Grease and hair can build up in your pipes and create some stubborn clogs. This is can worse when baby wipes, paper towels, food items, sanitary pads, or other unflushable items are sent down the drain. If water fails to drain quickly or, worse, if drains begin to backup, it may be time to call a plumber.
  2. When you know you have tree root or other seasonal clogs. Roots from trees or shrubs can cause a major backup. In some cases, especially in the City of Chicago, gutters can feed into underground lines. Also, vent pipes on the roof may become clogged with debris such as leaves. Even during periods of heavy rain, dirt, mud, and other organic debris can enter sewer lines. If you know that this kind of situation may be inevitable, having regular annual seasonal checkups of your system before Spring or Fall rains may be advisable.

Why Call a Professional Plumber

While homeowners can run power rodding equipment at the local hardware store or lumber yard, we don’t recommend doing this project on your own. Not only does a licensed plumber have the right equipment and training to use it, but their experience can save you potential damage to your plumbing fixtures and pipes.

If you need help with power rodding services, contact DRC Plumbing and Sewer today at 708-205-7057. Mention that you saw this story when you call, and we’ll save you an additional 15% off your next power rodding service that is more than $250.