Throughout December and into January, people are celebrating the holidays around the world! That means that company is coming over to unwrap presents, to share a meal, or to ring in the New Year. As hosts, we want people to feel at home, and it’s a good time to be able to showcase the finer parts of your dwelling. During this time of year, many people spruce up their home with new accoutrements such as replacing rugs and furniture.

One of the things that keeps our plumbing team busy this time of year is changing plumbing fixtures: faucets, showers, and toilets. If you want to good conversation starter, consider a change-of-pace with replacing your old, worn, and dated fixtures with newer elements to give your kitchen and bath a fresh look. People will take notice, and you’ll be the hit of the party. You might also in the process save yourself a little cash with more efficient plumbing.

Fixtures in the Kitchen

Your main concern in the kitchen is the kitchen sink.

  • Kitchen sink faucets: You have lots of choices you can make for kitchen faucets. Choose from one-handle or two-handle designs, a wide variety of spouts, and sprayers which are built into the spout or are separate. You also have a wide variety of finishes including polished chrome, brass, bronze, copper, brushed nickel, or even black. You can completely transform the look of your kitchen by matching your cabinet hardware with your sink faucet.
  • Disposal units: The garbage disposal is another fixture that you might consider to take care of table scraps from your guests. Pro tip: don’t just throw everything down the garbage disposal! It’s meant to eliminate only small after-supper scraps of food.

Fixtures in the Bathroom

Here’s a place where a little change can go a long way! The bathroom is all about plumbing, and new, fresh, up-to-date fixtures leave your guests impressed with the washroom.

  • Bathroom sink faucets: Just like with the kitchen, there’s a wide array of options for your bathroom-sink fixtures. In addition to one-handle and two-handle faucets, you can also get widespread faucets where all elements are separate and inserted individually into your sink or vanity top. Again the colors and styles are plentiful and can be either very traditional or very modern to suit any decor.
  • Tub and shower fixtures: While your short-term visiting guests may not appreciate your shower, your out-of-towner family who are spending the holidays at your home will enjoy elements such as new bathtub facets to match those on your sink. But, in this case, the real star is the shower itself: choose from water-conserving showerheads, manual shower wants, waterfall shower fixtures, or body-spraying shower panels.
  • Toilets: There’s nothing more embarrassing than an old, dingy-looking toilet. Make sure this all-important fixture is looking its best. Modern toilets use less water and are more effective at doing their job – flushing waste. Plus, you can choose from an elongated design or a standard round design.

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If you want to wow your guests, improve your efficiency, and make your home a bit more comfortable and updated, consider replacing your kitchen fixtures, your bathroom fixtures, or both before your next holiday party! Contact the expert plumbers at DRC Plumbing and Sewer by calling 708-203-7057 or clicking the link below to send us a message.

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