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DRC Plumbing and Sewer provides residents of Palos Park, Palos Hills, and Palos Heights emergency repair or installation plumbing services.

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Plumbers in the Palos Area

If you live in Palos Heights, Palos Hills, or Palos Park, you can count of DRC Plumbing and Sewer to care for your plumbing needs. Our professional plumbers have 30 years of experience, our expert plumbing team has seen it all and can tackle your plumbing issues whether you need emergency repair, installation of fixtures, or replacement of worn pipes, drains, and parts.

We respond to calls 24/7 to assist you with emergency plumbing services when you need us. Because of the pandemic, we know that you need to feel your family’s or your workplaces’ environment is in good hands. Our professional plumbers use personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and undergo the same health checks schools and other workplaces require to ensure that they are healthy and COVID-free. We do our best to ensure safety above all is maintained throughout our visit.

Plumbing work can leave a mess, but our team ensures that we make little impact in your home; we clean up after ourselves so you can maintain a tidy living or office space.

Faucets, Fixtures, and Supply Lines

Faucets Repair SquareStarting from your water main, Our plumbers make sure that all of your supply plumbing works great right delivering clean water at the proper pressure. We install, repair, or replace kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, utility sinks, and washing machines. Ask us about some of the modern technology available now to control your water main remotely or monitoring systems ensure you can shut off your main line automatically if you have a cracked pipe.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot Water Heater SquareWe quickly and professionally install replacement water heaters in homes and businesses in Palos Heights, Palos Park, and Palos Hills so you have hot water in your home for comfort and cleanliness. Having a hot water tank serviced by DRC Plumbing and Sewer means that you can be assured that it works at its best. Your water heater may need maintenance, and it should be replaced every fifteen to twenty years, we can help you make that decision and perform the work for you expertly.

Drains and Sewers

Repairing a Broken PipeProperly functioning drains and sewers maintain a happy and healthy living environment by removing waste water from the home. If you experience sewerage smells, standing water, slow drains, or stopped toilets, give us a call at (708) 203-7057, and we’ll be on our way to help you resolve your issue and get your plumbing flowing again just right.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pump SquareOur professional plumbing team also installs sump pumps and battery back-up pumps. Many homes in Palos Park, Palos Heights, and Palos Hills have basements and crawl spaces, and many of those basements are finished and furnished as living spaces and recreation rooms. To protect your investment get a high-quality sump pump system from DRC Plumbing and Sewer who will professionally install it properly.

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