When water is leaking all over your house, it can be difficult to remember what to look for in a plumber. However, hiring the wrong person can cost you in high fees or poor quality work. Next time you need a plumber, consider these 8 things first.

1. License

Do not hire a plumber without a license, as this is your valuable consumer protection. Reputable plumbers should have a license number on their vehicle and mention the fact they are licensed in their advertisements.

2. Experience

It’s worth paying a little more for experience. An experienced plumber may cost more, but they will work faster and you will have more trust in their workmanship and diagnostics.

3. Total Cost

Any plumber should be able to give you a free cost estimate before beginning work. While other factors may affect the final cost, you should look at cost before committing. Ask whether the price includes materials and labor.

4. Warranty

Hire a plumber who offers a warranty of workmanship. Otherwise you risk paying for more repairs if something goes wrong.

5. Insurance

Pick a plumber who offers workman’s compensation and liability insurance; otherwise, you may be liable for damage caused by the plumber.

6. Fast response time

If you have a plumbing emergency, ask how soon the plumber can arrive and how far away they are located. In a crisis, it can be worth it to pay extra for reliable emergency service that arrives promptly.

7. Parts

Does the plumber have parts on hand or easily accessible to them? If not, you may pay the price in delays while they wait for a part to arrive.

8. Referrals

Before you hire a qualified plumber, ask for referrals or reviews. If they do not have any, do not consider them anymore. Any plumber worth hiring should have referrals or reviews to back up their experience.

We provide this information to give you peace of mind and help you choose a qualified plumber. At DRC Plumbing and Sewer our plumbers are licensed professionals here to serve you. If you need assistance with a plumbing problem, we invite you to call us at 708-203-7057.