It can be tricky to remember to pay attention to plumbing repairs, especially when so many parts of your plumbing system remain hidden. These 3 signs are clear indicators that it’s time to seek help with fixing your sewer line.

Your Drains are Slow

When your sink, shower, or tub starts to drain slowly, it may seem like a minor irritation. Many times, this is a partial clog that can be fixed with a bottle of drain cleaner. If you use drain cleaner and you still experience problems with slow drains, your sewer line may have a break or clog. After one unsuccessful attempt at using drain cleaner, call a plumber to check things out.

Unpleasant Odors Emerge From Drains

When something starts to smell bad, it is a clear indicator of a plumbing problem. Whenever you smell foul odors coming from sink drains, toilets, or other areas, call a plumber. They can check all components of the system to find and fix a problem before things get worse.

Your Foundation Develops Water Stains or Damage

A damaged sewer line can cause leaks in your basement or home foundation. This can leave you with costly water damage and mold remediation. Excess moisture, water stains, and increased pest presence all indicate leaks from the sewer line. If you see any of these signs, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. Any delay will leave you with more property damage and greater expenses.

Delays in servicing a sewer line translate into higher repair costs. Many plumbers offer emergency night and weekend service, so you can get help whenever it’s needed. If you see an active leak, it’s well worth the extra expense of an emergency call to get things cleaned up quickly.