You know when your drain is getting stopped up, but are you familiar with signs it may be time to have the drains cleaned by a professional? These 3 signs indicate a problem that’s best dealt with by a plumber.

1. Slow Drainage

Clogs form slowly as waste begins to stick to the drain pipe walls, narrowing the drain. The more waste sticks, the more slowly the drain functions. When you notice your drain is moving slowly, it’s time to clean it.

2. Bad Smells From the Sink

As waste sticks to the walls of the drain, it can begin decaying. The odor will waft up the drain, so you can smell it when you’re near the sink.

This is most common in kitchen drains, where food waste may fall into the drain. However, other drains can also become smelly when they need a cleaning.

Drain cleaning will flush the food waste down the drain, eliminating any odor problems you are experiencing.

3. Clogs Occur Frequently

The first clog you experience may be easily solved with a store-bought drain cleaner. However, if you experience frequent problems, then the DIY drain cleaner approach may not be sufficient enough to clear the clog.

When you find that drains become clogged more frequently, it is best to call a professional plumber. A plumber can clean the drain thoroughly using special tools. By investing in professional drain cleaning, you can ensure that your drain is clear for a long time to come, keeps your home clean and safer for children.

It’s simple to apply store-bought drain cleaner and try to clear the clog yourself. When this doesn’t work, don’t waste time trying to troubleshoot your problem further. Call a plumber and find relief.